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Legend has it that a long, long time ago a gentleman stopped at this iconic tavern to relieve his thirst; such an admiration did he suddenly develop for the place that it was forever etched in his memory and as he was doing a lot of wandering in his life, he talked about the tavern to everyone who wanted to listen to him. He talked about the wonderful wines that delighted his palate, the extraordinary cuisine that satisfied his hunger and the natural magic of the place that got him bewitched. At the end of his long journey, he decided to go back there and stay forever.

It is a classic tavern in the city with its colourful glazed tiles, high ceilings, carved columns, a red facade, centenarian lamps and a large mirror that adorns the premises, which was rescued from a decaying tavern on Trafalgar Street in 1909.

It is a place where history meets the present. A place where any citizen of the world finds their place! And the errant gentleman who lives there receives you with gallantry encouraging you to taste the excellent wines and the exquisite delicacies...

...And while we are at it, some biscuits with a sweet wine, tradition of the house from time immemorial...

El ANCIANO EL REY DE LOS VINOS, a place to get lost in the heart of Madrid

By Gracia Pérez Cortés

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Typical tavern

Our tavern retains the typical characteristics of the old taverns. For example, the red doors, which were a symbol that invited people to enter to consume only wine; costumers could bring their own food and they used to meet in the taverns to socialize. ...

Bar from EL Anciano !

At the bar you can enjoy all kinds of traditional tapas like Madrid tripe, squid, croquettes, Russian salad, small spinach pies, chicken strips with Cabrales cheese sauce among many others. Although we offer traditional food, we are always including new recipes to satisfy the new taste trends.


In 2005 some improvements were made and the old bar was replaced by a new marble one and a cosy dining room was opened. This room is ideal to enjoy a meal, to taste our specialities and family menus and to celebrate an event.

Our terrace!

Among the main courses you can find the casserole Elder and Tripe Madrid. The desserts all homemade, with a pleasant and varied between can enjoy chocolate tart with cottage cheese, coffee flan Elder, and many, many other delights!

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